Executive Search

Our Executive Search offering comprises of well experienced professionals who partner with our clients as business partners and offer them a scope of options available in our industry. We apply an insider's perception to the market knowledge and deliver precisely based client's expectation.

We partner with your recruitment team providing them with qualified candidate leads and assist them get valuable perceptions to competition. We have a robust research methodology which is quick and cost effective to your recruitment needs.

We maintain excellent candidate relationship across levels with our unique head hunting skills. We believe, our current capabilities are in servicing the requirements at Mid and Senior level.


HR Outsourcing

Recruiting and retaining the best talent has always been a priority for organizations looking to compete at the top level. In today's tough market conditions this task becomes even more significant. The current challenge for HR heads is to equip the organization with a skilled and motivated workforce at the same time as delivering a reduction in the total cost of workforce.

There are significant efforts have been proposed and implementing to meet this challenge, HR Leaders are looking at the options available that will enable them to remain competitive while delivering shareholder value. We delivers HR Outsourcing solutions to clients across the globe enabling them to reduce costs while still retaining the ability to compete effectively in the marketplace.


Staff Augmentation

Higher attrition levels and aggressive hiring timelines demand proper management of important skill needs and existing gaps. Organizations are looking at engaging IT domain experts and skilled professionals who can deliver quality application development and management with limited training. At the same time organizations also need to have the flexibility to scale up or down, depending on their current project requirements. Staff augmentation will certainly help you achieve these and other business goals, like faster time-to-market and elimination of training costs, to a certain extent.

We have extensive experience in successfully managing IT staff augmentation for our clients. A large pool of resources deployed across the emerging markets and a focused approach on developing skill-sets across domains. Our global outlook with strong localized presence and specialized skills-development enables us to focus on providing value to our customers' businesses through industry-specific offerings, customized solutions and highly-skilled domain experts.


Strategic Consulting

Vee Source Global is a full service consulting firm focused on providing Human Resource products and services. While providing best in class human resource practices and processes, we are committed to remaining conscious of limited budgets. In today's changing economy, businesses are faced with the challenge of maximizing employee productivity with limited resources. Organisations are looking for HR expertise to ensure compliance and best practices are adopted through out the organization. We are providing solutions to our global clients in both the private and public sectors are included in our worldwide client base. Our clients represent a wide variety of industries including: telecommunications, technology, banking, health, consumer goods, hospitality, retail, automotive, pharmaceutical and media.



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